Who we are

LEMA Consultants (Labeling, Energy Management, and Audit) is a business and management consultancy company with key expertise in the Building Energy Audit, Heat Transfer Calculations, and Simulation (Building), Energy Efficiency, integration of Renewable Energy and Climate (Ecology). We provide consultancy services and economical solutions, expertise in efficient energy consumption, energy auditing, improving energy efficiency, and utilization of efficient renewable energy technologies. Moreover, we conduct proactive training, outreach and awareness campaigns and workshops.


Why Choose Us?

We have a clear vision in the relationship of Economic activities of man in the interaction of society-energy-ecology. Designing or retrofitting buildings to be energy-efficient and implementing tailor-made energy efficiency management plans can result in substantial reductions in energy consumption and costs. In our teams of consultants we have experts with theoretical and practical experience with a university degree at the Doctoral, Associate Professor and Professor levels in the areas of heat transfer of buildings, renewable energy and ecology. Our experts are active in universities and leading prominent research centers in Europe. Since 2008, they participate in various projects in Afghanistan. Our seminars and consultations will allow a deeper understanding of this issue and find the way for further development. Each assignment is customized to the client. We work in small teams, selecting the particular technical knowledge that each consultant has to build the optimum team. Our goal is to deliver benefits long after we have left.