LEMA Consultants was founded by Dr. Eng. Mohammad Omar Temori in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Dr. Eng. Temori  is the  Master of Science in the field of Structural Engineering and Dr. Engineer in the field of Heat transfer in buildings (The Civil Engineering Faculty, part of the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia). He has practical experience in the construction and implementation of construction in Slovakia since 1998. He has brought the Heat Insulation System for buildings (2005) and small Biological Sewage Treatment Plant for buildings (2011) to Afghanistan. He was an environmental adviser for organization HELP Herat (2012) and a adviser for energy efficiency of buildings for GIZ Kabul (2017).


Author of a Dari textbooks for students of Civil Engineering faculties in Afghanistan

New methods of building construction
معیار های جدید اعمار ساختمان
cooperation with TU Kosice, Slovakia, March 2010

Energy consumption in residential houses
چگونگی مصرف انرژی در ساختمانهای رهایشی
cooperation with TU Zilina, Slovakia, April 2014








Technical equipment and facilities of building
تاسیسات و تجهیزات تخنیکی ساختمان
cooperation with TU Kosice, Slovakia,  April 2016







Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Buildings
رهنمود موثریت حفظ انرژی در تعمیرات
cooperation with GIZ, Afghanistan