Project: Training Center for Renewable Energy in Afghanistan (TCRENAF)
Promoter: SlovakAid, ELVOSOLAR, a.s., Birth of New Ideas Organization (BNIO)
Provider: Lema Consultants
Location: Kabul University
Period: 2018
Presentation: Training Center for Renewable Energy in Afghanistan 

Training Center for Renewable Energy in Afghanistan (TCRENAF) provides accelerated training classes for contractors, electricians, engineers, solar energy entrepreneurs, sales people and anyone who is considering a career change in the growing solar industry.

The goals of the center correspond with the development strategy of the Afghan government and the international community operating in Afghanistan, and the development cooperation of the Republic of Slovakia.

Our solar training programs, which are based on European Certification requirements, are structured to help individuals and licensed contractors transition into the solar industry or solar job market. Our courses in Photovoltaic (PV) and Photothermal installation, system design, solar hot water and solar sales help business owners and workers meet the requirements of launching a solar panel and solar collectors installation business or finding green collar jobs in the solar industry.

We have surpassed our mission to become the leading educational provider to the renewable energy industry by utilizing standardized training methods and teaching practices that will prepare workers and businesses with the knowledge and experience to succeed in Afghanistan.


Specifications of installed systems in Training Center

Photovoltaic hybrid system 10 kWp + 10 kWh battery

Thermal solar system 3,7 kWt + 300 l

Gravitation thermal system 150 l