Making Building Energy Audit (is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the outputs).

What are the key benefits?
  • Energy saving identification and cost-savings
  • Immediate action for occupier well-being
  • First step in an asset enhancement process
  • A quick return on the investment
  • Organize of vocational conferences
  • Organize of vocational seminars
  • Organize of vocational lectures at universities
  • Organize vocational workshops
  • Creating the conditions for obtaining grants for Afghanistan


Workshops for potential investors in the Energy Sector

One of the reasons why capital owners do not invest in energy projects is the lack of knowledge and information about the benefits and risks of these projects. Many potential investors (especially domestic private and governmental) do not know what a given energy generation plant requires, what technical facilities must be provided, what is the approximate capital investment for an energy plant with a given capacity, with which efficiency do different power generation plants work, what income they can expect, which environmental aspects of the project must be taken into account, etc. The objective of this activity is to provide a very clear and simple picture of each type of energy plants to potential investors including domestic private and governmental investors. The basic technical, environmental and economic aspects of different energy projects will be presented. The language of the workshops will be optionally Dari or English. The following types of energy projects can be presented:

  • Solar power generation plants
    On-grid and off-grid photovoltaic power plants, required technical facilities, suppliers, efficiency, environmental aspects, capital investment and basic economic analysis, specifications of afghanistan conditions
  • Wind energy systems
    Required technical facilities, suppliers, transportation, installation, efficiency, environmental impact, economic analysis
  • Clean energy from coal
    Afghanistan potential, low carbon coal technologies, coal combustion, coal gasification, coal combined heat and power plants, technical facilities, suppliers, environmental impact, economic analysis
  • Natural gas power plants
    Afghanistan potential, NG to power technical facilities, suppliers, NG based CHP plants, efficiency, economic analysis
  • Biomass to biogas and biodiesel systems
    Biomass sources of Afghanistan, anaerobic digestion for biogas production, biomass to bioethanol, biomass to biodiesel, biomass gasification, biomass pyrolysis, technical facilities, connection with agriculture, suppliers, economic analysis.
  • Waste to energy systems
    Afghanistan waste resources and characteristics, waste to power via combustion, waste gasification, waste pyrolysis, solid waste CHP plants. Waste to energy technical facilities, environmental impact, economic analysis.
  • Heat production in decentralized and district heating systems
    Decentralized solar heating systems, centralized solar or coal heating systems, combined heating systems, facilities, efficiency, economic analysis.
  • Combined heat and power systems for industrial parks
    Comparison of central and individual heat production in an industrial park, comparison of separate heat and power production and co-generation of heat and power, facilities, suppliers, economic analysis.


Assessment of the energy generation projects

In the framework of this activity, We can provide assessment of the general technical and environmental aspects of an energy generation project. If a governmental institution of Afghanistan purchases technologies for energy generation, We can evaluate the technology and provide recommendations. In addition, when a national or international investor submits a project for approval of the Ministry of energy, We can evaluate the project from the technical and environmental point of view and provide recommendations. The energy project that We can provide assessment for :

  • Waste to energy projects
  • Large natural gas and coal energy projects
  • Liquid fuel (oil) projects
  • Biomass and biogas energy projects
  • Solar energy projects

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